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Posted by Robert Mounsey on 08/03/2012   Email

correction to my last email address.

Posted by Robert Mounsey on 08/03/2012   Email

Its nice to see that Birdham Scouts has a homepage, I was in the 1st Birdham & Witterings a very long time ago. Back then we had a Nissan Hut on the back end of the old Birdham School. After the Old School closed, it was decided to build the New Scout Hut on the Village Playing field next to the Village Hall. And as Scouts from Birdham we helped with the build. After that a campsite was prepared down at Ichenor next to the Village Hall. Is this campsite still used?. We also went on summer camps in the New Forest and all the new boys had to bow down to Freddy the Totem pole. Seeing your Homepage has brought back very fond memories of the past. Having later served in the Army, I have lived in Germany now since 1978. Try to get back to Birdham now and again. Keep up the good work

Posted by Kurt on 15/08/2010

Really like the new site i'm sure it will be a great success!

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